There is no better citation to properly define our restaurant. If Henry IV then King of France, author of this citation would have lived in our era, he certainly would have been one of our best client.

Le Restaurant DATONI is the oldest fine cuisine restaurant in Sherbrooke. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2009, how can a restaurant survive all these years? Go through all the changes of our eating habits? A very remarquable feat when we think of all the restaurants that have come and gone.

As time went by, Le Restaurant DATONI has built it's reputation on the quality, creativity and the passion of serving the finest of foods and wines, and also to make it's culinary art available to all. Despite all of this and as once written by a famous Montreal journalist:

" The art of a good table will always rely on the warmth of the people around it, on the stain left on it by a glass of wine and to the bread crumbs that we'll let fall in the palm of our hand. "

And we completely agree with him...